Custom Field Editor Views

You aren't limited in using the built-in field editor views (like checkbox, date, datetime, ...) but you can easily plug in your own custom ones.

It's just a matter of pointing the UIOMaticField attribute to the view location

[UIOMaticField(Name = "Owner", Description = "Select the owner of the dog", View = "~/App_Plugins/Example/picker.person.html")]

API Controller

public class ExampleApiController: UmbracoAuthorizedJsonController
    public IEnumerable<dynamic> GetAll()
        var query = new Sql().Select("*").From("People");
        return DatabaseContext.Database.Fetch<dynamic>(query);

AngularJS View

<div ng-controller="Example.Picker.Person">
        ng-options='person.Id as (person.FirstName + " " + person.LastName) for person in persons'>
        <option value="">---Please select---</option>

AngularJS Controller

    function ($scope,$http) {

        $http.get("backoffice/Example/ExampleApi/GetAll").then(function(response) {
        $scope.persons =;

Package Manifest

    javascript: [


As you see this is very similar to creating custom Umbraco property editors, the main difference is that we'll be working with the property.value object (and not model.value)